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With over twenty five years experience in the industry, you can be confident that RPS Electronics Ltd is ideally placed to help with all your component requirements.  Our staff are highly experienced in all aspects of international sales and purchasing, drawing upon their wealth of knowledge gained while previously employed by some of the most well-known and respected players in the electronics field.

We provide a professional and personal service tailored to your individual needs and are able to take orders of any size including those requiring scheduled delivery.

We are also happy to extend our working day beyond the standard UK times to allow us to work on your behalf, across the world time zones, ensuring a quicker and more efficient service to our customers.

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Whether you are an OEM, manufacturer, sub-contractor or just like us, selling the goods on, we can always help.

Bullet Point Got an enquiry? Let us have it and get on with your day.
Bullet Point Got a quote from an existing supplier? Let us check it out too, if we can save you money, we will.

RPS's promise is always to come back to you with an answer. Leave your enquiry with us and forget it - we won't.
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We have our own purchasing arm in China – this is our own office manned with our own staff and not an agency.  We have had close links with our Chinese colleagues for over 10 years now and trust their knowledge of the Chinese market & their suppliers completely.  Having our own “people on the ground”, we have found this to be extremely effective in minimising the risks normally associated with dealing with the Far East. Our regular consolidated shipments from China enable us to offer a fast, efficient and most importantly, cost-effective solution to our customer’s component sourcing requirements.

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transformer If you are trying to source an electronic component and a Franchised Distributor cannot help or is quoting a long lead-time, let us help you. If it is available, anywhere in the world, we will find it. Using our extensive range of specialist search engines, we regularly purchase components, including obsolete parts, from the Far East, the United States, Russia and Europe.
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Our ability to lessen the lead-time may be particularly of interest to customers selling "kits". We will find that "missing part" to complete your kit without the problem of unacceptably long lead times so that you can get the order to your customer without all that waiting!

Makes you look good - makes us look good.

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electrical resistors With the use of trusted worldwide couriers such as UPS, Fed-ex and DHL, RPS Electonics Ltd. is making the world a smaller place and lessening the global divide. In normal circumstances, we can get the parts you need from anywhere in the world from A to B within 3 days and then we can ship them straight out to you.

NB: We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays at airports and to the customs system.

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If time is of the essence, we may also be able to offer delivery under plain cover direct to your customer, offering you complete and utter assurance of our understanding that the recipient is "your" customer and not ours.

reel of surface mounts
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It makes no difference whether you need switches, connectors, reels of surface mount parts, IC's or displays.

In fact if it's a component, whatever it is you are looking for, we can help you find it - it's that simple.

RPS Electronics Ltd. setting the standards others follow.

We guarantee our customer service is second to none

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2 Woodbury, Lambourn, Hungerford, Berkshire RG17 7LT • Tel: +44 (0) 1488 73261 • Email: phil@rpselect.com
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